Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are you over weight ? Now Calculate body mass of near and dears to whom you love.

Most of us are conscious about health and they eat good and healthy food. Eating good and healthier food is not bad but every thing is dangerous  when it exceeds the limit.

Our intake is counted in terms of calories. So the total intake (food) should be less than or equal total calories burnt (the energy required by body for a day) If our intake is more than the requirement of body the extra calories will be stored as a reserve which is to be used in emergency.

The reserve quota should be minimum and for a limited period. In our body system reserve quota is not specified so our body transfer all the calories to reserve  without considering the existing reserves available which  resulted in to increase in body weight.

We unnecessarily carry weight of reserve and make our body uncomfertable. Are you one of them who carry extra reserve. You can calculate your body mass by clicking on the link provided below and decide whether you carry extra reserve ?

Click on the link provided below to calculate your body mass:

Link : Calculate body mass index with body mass index calculator, bmi calculator at 

Know about the food we used to eat

All of us know that which food is good for our health and what should we eat. But there is a concept of calories which we should know.

 Each food contains certain level of calories / energy and other contains such as vitamins and minerals etc. As per latest research each person should intake / consume  a certain level of calories which differs from man to man. A growing child needs more calories /energy, vitamins and minerals while a normal person require less calories then a sports man or hard worker labor.

However in any case total intake of calories should not be more than the body requirement. Intake of calories is more than the requirement develops various disabilities and increase the body weight / mass. If a sugar patients intake more calories, sugar level is increased which causes damages to the various parts of the body.

You can find the value of calories in various foods by clicking on the link provided below.

Click on the link provided below to calculate food calories:

Link: Calculate calories with calorie calculator, food calorie calculator at

Anil Kuma Harsh